Chinese food menus

22 06 2007

Who the heck is sticking those Chinese food menus in my door? I can never catch them — this person is amazing. I mean I’ll leave for five minutes to check the mail, and then I come back and there’s a menu in the door. I probably get one every other day during peak times, but it ebbs and flows. And it’s from different companies, and it’s always Chinese food. I just don’t get it, man. This used to happen to me in college, too, but at that time it would always be pizza places. I guess it’s just the curse of a communal living environment.

In other news, I did some social networking investigation and found a site called “” where you can create a social network of your own. I was thinking it might be funny to actually create a “social network” of my very own, so I did. Of course, now I’m thinking I should have used some other technique. Anyway, it’s called “Dude I totally rock: Survival of the hottest.” I’m curious if anyone’s actually going to join. I’m thinking I might just create some fake profiles of fake people and populate the site that way. I don’t know why I would do this, other than to make people laugh. I mean if you think about it, the premise behind social networking sites is good but also kind of skewed. I personally couldn’t care much less (in the intellectual sense) about having the longest list of “friends” or whatever. I have 90-some-odd people going on over at facebook and then far fewer in some locations, and yet far more activity in these “some locations.” So you know, who cares? The trouble is I can’t help but feel a twinge of shame at my measly friends list or whatever. It’s just bizarre, you know? An emotional thing. It’s just not worth the trouble of worrying about, but the primitive cavewoman in me is bashing a club on the ground and trying to invent fire and just getting really exasperated about the whole deal.

So the point is, visit the site, have a good laugh and whatever you do, DO NOT take yourself too seriously. That is my advice to whatever souls randomly end up here.




One response

23 06 2007
Matt Adams

Menu theory: It’s a Lin Kuei, like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat! Protect your spine!

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