Of shoes and trains

23 06 2007

Today, among other things I did, I bought five news pairs of shoes on the cheap: blue-green-brown Kangaroo sneaks, floral-patterned purple sneaks with blue athletic-style stripes down the side (these shoes are a thing of beauty), brown-and-white loafers with a palm tree pattern on the side, white-and-beige leather Kangaroos and a pair of girly pink Nike sandals. Each one of these shoes is super awesome. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. Actually, my favorite is the pink sandals, although I won’t be able to wear these outside of my complex. I wear shoes out pretty quickly due to my long-standing orthopedic issues, so I’d like to have multiple shoes going on so I can spread out the damage and channel certain kinds of shoes to certain activities, etc. I can’t wear high heels and I’m restricted to wearing shoes that will accommodate the bulky custom-made insole I wear on my left foot only, which makes shoe shopping a nightmare. Inevitably, my right gets the short shrift and I have to find a happy medium somewhere. I focus entirely on comfort and rely on stylish designs and patterns to express myself.

Anyway, I have a mildly odd train story for today. I took the train back, and when I got to the station with all my groceries and my shoeboxes in my hands (and some stuff in my backpack), a 20-something guy (he wasn’t a homeless guy or anything, and I theorized he might be a foreign exchange student or something) came up to me in the station and asked me what station we were in and how far the next station was/which one it was. Pretty standard line of questioning. And then he said, “I have to ask you something, and it’s going to sound really stupid,” and I was like uh-oh, and he’s like, “I parked my car at one of the train stations and I don’t remember which one it was.” And I’m like, “Uh, well, can you describe the station for me?” And he’s like, “I think it was a little bit longer than this one.” And I’m like, “Well… I don’t know. What did it look like?” He wasn’t sure. “Um, was it inside or outside?” He wasn’t sure. “Was it above-ground or underground?” Thankfully, he finally remembered that it was underground, and I was able to direct him to the only subterranean station in the area. Had he been in an above-ground station, he would have been screwed. I think you had to be there for the full effect… but that’s the story.




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