30 06 2007

Weird. I try to update with a new post and it screws up the whole page. Now it appears to be working. You never know with these themes… I chose a rainbow overlay gradient design thingy by chance. I think it looks nice… and no, I’m not trying to drop any hints about my personal life.


Bullet points

30 06 2007

Those of you who hang with me in other online locale(s) know that I used to have an occasional (friends-locked) entry known as the “bullet points” rundown. When I worked Monday through Friday, these would usually be done on Thursday nights as a sort of celebration of the end of the week. When I started working on a different schedule, the whole concept of writing an entry on Wednesday night didn’t really strike me. But you know, those were some tasty entries. I thought I would try a more populist version of that here. Here’s how it works: We sum up the events of the week in a vaguely humorous fashion. So… without further adieu…

* By now, it’s no secret that change is in the air at my workplace. Let’s just get that elephant out of the room…
* The thing about elephants is, they never forget. Especially Babar, the charming elephantine French storybook character from France.
* But wait… from Wikipedia comes a buzzkill out of the blue: “Underneath they could be seen as a justification for colonialism, with the benefits of French civilisation being visited on the rustic African elephant kingdom.”
* In the previous bullet, “they” refers either to the storybooks or to weasels.
* Anybody for a game of Mad Libs? I love that game. You know there’s certain words you can stick in there that are guaranteed to be goofy.
* I know what words of which YOU are thinking, but I’m thinking of words like “weasel.”
* I think my next entry will be done Mad Libs style… yes.
* Is Babar really a justification for colonialism? Let’s dissect this story: So this one king “accidentally” eats poisoned mushrooms, at which point Babar the France-Loving Elephant takes over as King and decides to impose his love of French culture on the people. He even throws out their Freedom Fries and renames them French Fries. Then, he brings some old lady to hang with him. Meanwhile, he’s established an autocratic rule over the populace that is TOTALLY INDEPENDENT OF ANY ELECTED BODY. The Wikepedia notes that, “Besides his Westernizing policies, Babar engages in warfare with the warlike rhinoceroses.” Uh oh.
* Well you know, he kinda did colonialize the joint, especially with the whole French Fries thing. On the other hand, we could be totally reading too much into this. Hard to say.
* By the way, I did mention that this would be a Populist entry. Therefore, I must decry the gold standard. Excuse me for a moment…
* S-I-L-V-E-R! Get some of this and be a star! S-I-L-V-E-R! This time, gold has gone too far!
* Along the lines of the whole Babar thing, remember how the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz is William Jennings Bryan and the whole party of goofballs is taking a yellow brick road that represents treacherous gold so they can go ask the president, er, wizard, in the Emerald City, which is actually the White House, about how they can fix stuff? And then Dorothy’s silver slippers are the answer? Only they kind of got changed to ruby slippers, which kind of messes up the whole thing? Of course you don’t! So never mind!
* Enough of this nonsense. My point is, Babar is out of the room and we can stop worrying about work and let him get back to eating his French Fries.

Aargh, sidetracked again. Maybe some other time!