30 06 2007

Weird. I try to update with a new post and it screws up the whole page. Now it appears to be working. You never know with these themes… I chose a rainbow overlay gradient design thingy by chance. I think it looks nice… and no, I’m not trying to drop any hints about my personal life.




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30 06 2007
Matt Adams

It seems to me that the rainbow is somewhat more fitting. I’m confused about the “personal life” thing, though. Everybody knows that rainbows signify girl-stuff.

Actually, this might signify that you are, in fact, Rainbow Brite. Oh, I get it now…it’s a secret identity thing. Sorry. In a less public forum I would engage in unfounded speculation as to which Color Kid a certain mutual friend is.

And no, all this talk of Rainbow Brite is not me “trying to drop any hints about my personal life.” I was going to go with a whole “Otter Pops” theme but I don’t know if they have them where you’re from. ^_~

1 07 2007

I’m getting a red vibe, don’t know why…

Yeah, we got otter pops. Or we did in AZ. I haven’t actually looked for them in the ATL.

It’s not so much the rainbow itself as the fact that I was recently talking about (wanting to go to) the pride parade a lot and then I’ve also been listening to “Purple Rain” quite a bit. I’m fast becoming a Prince fan.

1 07 2007
Matt Adams

Hrm…I was thinking more “orange.” o_O

I’m confident in the assertion that a Prince fan’s sexuality never comes into question unless a Y chromosome is involved on pair 23. Then again, if you’re a big Raspberry Beret aficionado like me, you just scowl at naysayers and assert Alpha Male status to restore the proper environment. ^_^

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