I love the night life

3 07 2007

I actually made some effort to get out some. We had a workplace whatever eating drinking thing and I did attend and it was a good time. I did learn quite a few interesting things about my cohorts, as one always does at these kinds of things. Also, I kind of said I wanted to karaoke-sing “Last Dance” by whoever sings it, Gloria Gaynor I think? Whooops. [UPDATE: It hath been pointed out to me that the singer is Donna Summer. I guess I could have Googled it… Ha.]

The margaritas are good at this place, No Mas Cantina, because they dip the glasses in lime juice and a special chile salt. It’s delicious. I’ve actually never seen that before, even in Arizona (home of the cilantro margarita — delicious). I didn’t really eat much except a few chips, though, because I just don’t like to eat en masse. I ate some of my spinach and mushroom quesadilla and called it a night. Wasn’t feeling the food. Now, I’m kind of hungry.

Then, I took the “long way home” so I could look at the foggy city at night. It feels cool and windy and humid like you’re at the beach. It’s beautiful outside tonight.