I love the night life

3 07 2007

I actually made some effort to get out some. We had a workplace whatever eating drinking thing and I did attend and it was a good time. I did learn quite a few interesting things about my cohorts, as one always does at these kinds of things. Also, I kind of said I wanted to karaoke-sing “Last Dance” by whoever sings it, Gloria Gaynor I think? Whooops. [UPDATE: It hath been pointed out to me that the singer is Donna Summer. I guess I could have Googled it… Ha.]

The margaritas are good at this place, No Mas Cantina, because they dip the glasses in lime juice and a special chile salt. It’s delicious. I’ve actually never seen that before, even in Arizona (home of the cilantro margarita — delicious). I didn’t really eat much except a few chips, though, because I just don’t like to eat en masse. I ate some of my spinach and mushroom quesadilla and called it a night. Wasn’t feeling the food. Now, I’m kind of hungry.

Then, I took the “long way home” so I could look at the foggy city at night. It feels cool and windy and humid like you’re at the beach. It’s beautiful outside tonight.




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3 07 2007

Donna Summer, perhaps? And your subject references an Alicia Bridges song. I’m in an Yvonne Elliman mood right now so my disco backbrain is all lit up with neural activity. o_O

Did your cohorts learn anything interesting about you…?

3 07 2007

You’re right. Gloria Gaynor did a different song. Aww fudge if I could only remember what that was….


Probably. I hesitate to think what that might be.

Just so you know, every time you change something about yourself in your details, I’m going to have to moderate your comment. Which is cool. I just wanted you to be aware. The alternative is to get a WP Web account. I like WP as far as the control and feature set and the ability to download the interface and run it on your own server space, but it is definitely more prone to spam than LJ…. anyway that was a long comment. Sorry.

3 07 2007
Matt Adams

“I Will Survive,” aka “The Greatest Break-Up Song Ever Made.” ^_^

Ah, well. I don’t (currently) have server space, but I’ll definitely be acquiring some for when I launch my teacher site. Maybe I’ll check into it now though and look all prepared. =)

4 07 2007


0000 You’ll have to see if the space they give you is
0001 Apache-compatible (probably Linux-based,
0002 if so). The WP platform will not run on a
0003 Windows-based server…


4 07 2007

OK, really, I think it’s a PHP issue. The server space you get from a service, like for file storage, usually can’t run PHP scripts.

All right, enough of me trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about.

4 07 2007
Matt Adams

Hrm…for my plans I think it also depends on whether I’m alloted server space from the district (“Hello, IT? HELP!”) or if I’m going all rebellious and doing it* on Dreamhost.

Thanks for the insight! ^_^

*♫…all for my BAY-bee…♫**
**freakin’ Huey Lewis…

5 07 2007

Good thing I don’t know that song very well, or it would be stuck in my head and there would be dire consequences.

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