New York shoot, I mean state, of mind

8 07 2007

I’m on the phone with my mom AS I’M TYPING RIGHT NOW and we’re talking about that shooting at the New York New York Hotel and Casino on early Friday morning, which  is where we stayed during the aforementioned vacation. The shooter just stood on the balcony that comes off the strip overpasses and started firing into the casino. It’s freaky, especially if you’ve been in that hotel and you know how it’s laid out.

Mom says she has an iPod nano that she can’t use, so she might send it to me so I can break another MP3 player. That would be awesome.



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8 07 2007
Matt Adams

Geez…you should moonlight in consumer products testing. “How long can this iPhone survive?” ^_^

I hate the iPod Nano just on principle, what with their 10-9 scale. I want an iPod Giga, complete with optional iBarrow to lug it around. =)

9 07 2007

Three words: crash test dummy.

Are you perchance thinking of the iPod Shuffle? The nano seems to be pretty well-designed, as much as it pains me to say this. The shuffle, on the other hand, looks like something I had better be careful not to leave around small children, lest they should swallow it.

9 07 2007
Matt Adams

I…uh…don’t really know all the minutiae about the various subspecies of iPods. I was trying to make a scientific notation joke. I guess the [sup] tag doesn’t work here. “Nano” is 10^-9, whereas “giga” is 10^9.

*sob* I’m doing the best that I Nicole! I’ve got all these comments to make and I come up with fresh comedy every time! Do you think that’s easy?! They can’t all be winners! =D

9 07 2007

Oh, OK I get it. If I’d only paid more attention in school and/or put my GoogleKnowledgeFaking skills to use…

On the note, I certainly hope the iBarrow comes with an iShovel and other appropriate items of toolage. Just wait till they invent the iHoe. And the iPimp. (Spanish: yoPimp)

9 07 2007
Matt Adams

They should make a multimedia driver’s license and solve two of your problems at once. The iD. ^_~

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