Harry and Kumar go to White Castle

13 07 2007

You know you would watch it.

Searching for Harry Potter on the Internets is a perilous journey paved with teasing innuendo for a lack of better wording, as well as plenty of bad puns. And Hairy Potters. And Harry and the Potters. (Don’t forget the cute animal reenactments either.) And, at one point, and at work to boot, I turned up a Harry Potter in an inappropriate state of dress. WHOOPS! What a travesty. Sorry, I’m not linking to it.

Really, it was unintentional.

I don’t know what my point is, but I’m definitely having a good movie night.




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13 07 2007
Matt Adams

Inappropriate-dress Harry is depicted or described in about 90% of the fansites out there. I guarantee that you are just one or two degrees of separation from someone that has written HP slash, most likely featuring Harry and Draco or Harry and Snape gettin’ it AWN.

[…and if you’re ME, you know two different women that write/draw such things and then want to have you give an in-depth analysis of it. Hey, I’m glad that people hold my editorial skills and knowledge of HP canon in such high regard, but I’m not really into adolescent gay pr0n and you should probably know this about me already KTHX.]

14 07 2007

The weird thing is it was actually a *photograph* from that horse thing he did… methinks the Brits are a little less inhibited than us ‘Mericans when it comes to that sort of thing. He’s not even 18 yet. *Gag*

Potter and Snape? Oh dear.

I dunno about all this uh… you know.

14 07 2007
Matt Adams

Heh heh…I had to go see Equus during my short time at UofM because I was in “Intro to Theatre” and it was an assignment. The actress that played Hesther did a great job…I didn’t even mind that her character didn’t get nekkid!

I dunno about all this uh… you know.


28 04 2008
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