16 07 2007

I’ve been sucked into the black hole of work and sleep and the popular culture abyss, hence no writing for the last couple of days. And really, there’s nothing to report. Which is a good thing, right? Let me dig around…

Let’s see… Well now I’ve made it through a few Harry Potter movies and I think I’m starting to like the whole storyline, and I’m a little surprised at myself, to be honest.

Also, I am going to have to try to see if the great state of Iowa will send me a birth certificate to prove that I do in fact exist. This means I have to send them a notarized photocopy of my ID card. I’ll have to find someone who can do that. Oh by the way, I was born in Iowa and I can tell you there is more there than corn fields. Like, uh, gosh I don’t know. There’s a couple of good schools, a state fair, a botanical garden and the charming German Pietists of the Amana colonies. It doesn’t get much better than that. Except in Arizona.




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16 07 2007
Matt Adams

Why are you surprised at yourself? Is the fantasy genre normally not your thing? That’s an interesting turn of phrase, especially as the topic is Harry Potter, not donkey porn.

You can prove your own existence quite easily. If someone asks you for ID, just shout cogito ergo sum! at them. Hrm. Then again…banks usually have a notary public on staff, and (at least around here) if you have an account they’ll notarize for free.

I’ll likely be driving through Iowa at some point later this month, but I have no faith that I’ll find anything of interest there other than eight or nine Presidential candidates. Having been to Iowa and not Arizona, I will now attest that ARIZONA IS MADE OF WIN AND AWESOME SAUCE. FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!

20 07 2007

As a rule, fantasy is just not my thing. I like science fiction and things that could theoretically be real. I guess what’s so appealing about Harry Potter is it’s still very real, even when it’s imaginary.

20 07 2007
Matt Adams

It looks to me like you’re saying that you’re not anti-fantasy, but that you like internal logic to your fantastical stories. HP may be about magic, but the magic has rules and structure to it (as witness the fact that you have to go to school to learn how to control it in a structured way).

20 07 2007

I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s a spot-on parody of our actual world. It’s magic, and it’s fantasy, but the whole book is a caricature of real life. This makes it easier for me, personally, to stomach. I think these more grown-up themes and the fluidity of the writing (it’s like reading a movie script) have contributed to Rowling’s success. Because it’s not your typical fantasy story. There’s sarcasm, there’s humor and there’s that feeling that you’re looking at a funhouse mirror version of the world.

Basing a storyline on familiar or real-life elements (or alluding to them) is certainly nothing new, but Harry Potter elevates this to an art form.

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