Let me make a comment for Chrissakes

21 07 2007

I can’t make comments for the current time period. This sucks. It says I’m making them “too quickly.” Hmmm. Well it *is* my blog.

In Iowa news: They’re going to have a Harry Potter carved out of butter at the state fair this year. Unfortunately, I’m planning to be in Arizona rather than illustrious Iowa at that time. Hey, if I were going to Iowa, I could get my dingblasted birth certificate AND stare at fictional characters gloriously represented in butter at the same time. Dang. In Arizona, of course, they do have a cactus carved out of butter most years, so I guess it’s a tradeoff.

The Chinese Takeout Ninja is back again. Yesterday, while in the middle of a really suspenseful Harry Potter passage, as rain beat down pretty hard outside, I heard a sort of faint scratching noise, and then I looked back into the kitchen and was surprised to see one of those folded takeout menus moving in and out of my door crack in a sort of a sawing motion. It was like some wizard (or maybe just a jerk) on the other side was like, “Hahaha, I bet we can really annoy her by doing this!” Finally the person or thing or whatever left it jammed in the door and booked it. I never saw who or what it was. Whoever it is is driving me batty because I can’t use any more of these. I’ve got so many. And it’s not just one restaurant. It’s practically every restaurant on Roswell Road. Sigh.

I had a post office adventure to go pick up that iPod Nano that mom sent me. I like it. I’m using it right now. This is my fourth MP3 player. The ones that came before it died after two months or less due to cheap construction. The iPod Nano feels solid and the click-wheel thing is really nice once you get used to how it works. My only gripe is that Apple has rigged this thing to babysit you to some degree; you can’t just drag and drop music, but you can drag and drop other kinds of files. To gain access to the music, you have to search around the Internet for one of the many workarounds that have been created. For example, I wanted to save the music that was already on it, so used a third-party app to extract it before my first sync. (I’m not stealing music per se; it belongs in the family and we have the original CDs). Otherwise, illustrious iTunes would have wiped the iPod clean before copying a new set of files to the device.

I ate at the World Peace Cafe. I’m not a big vegetarian-vegan type person, but I enjoyed the food. (Unfortunately, I was very tempted to stop at Burger King immediately afterward.) This place rocks. They even have mint juleps. I also went to this noodle place that has great iced tea selections and decent food.

I wanted to shop at Psycho Sisters, but it was closed. This is a consignment store that sells all kinds of retro stuff. It’s cool.

I attended a Harry Potter party thingy at Barnes & Noble. Yeah. Quiet down there in the peanut gallery, please. The one nearest me had costumed people from local radio theater reading parts of the book. At the stroke of midnight, the players received the new book and began reading the first few pages. They did a good job reading the passages in character, given that none of them appeared to have seen this new book before. The guy dressed as Snape was particularly impressive. His cape was long and imposing. People had to step out of his way to avoid tripping him. It was a good look for him.

I have not bought the new book yet. I will do it eventually, but I’m still on the sixth book. I already heard a little bit about how the last book ends and I guess it can wait until I’ve spent the time reading the book before it. The fun isn’t the destination, but the journey.

I think it’s impressive that this book has developed such a following and that people dig it so much. I hope it does a bit of good for our collective psyches. Honestly, watching some parts reminded me of the feeling I got the first time I saw the Star Wars movies. It’s beyond comprehension, really. And for once, it really lives up to the lofty hype.




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22 07 2007
Matt Adams

All right, hold up. How exactly do they keep the butter cactus from melting? Is it salted or unsalted? Is that cactus kosher? You can’t just leave a comment like that hanging! o_O

Next time the menubomber strikes, you could try waiting until it’s stopped moving for a second…and them pushing it back out as forcefully as possible. Then they’ll run screaming! Or, you know, try again. Either you’ll have terrified some poor shmuck doing a crap job or else perhaps you’ll learn about this week’s extraordinary Kung Pao Chi Ting specials! You can’t lose!

I don’t even own an iPod and I hate iTunes. It seems that it comes bundled with Quicktime whether you want it or not, and just like any good spyware, just when you think you’ll pulled all the roots…BAM! There it is on the “what program do you want to use to open this file” menu!

24 07 2007

Uhh… refrigeration?

That’s a spectacular idea. I guess my big issue is I have this irrational fear that if I do that, the Chinese Menu Ninja is going to snap and attempt to exact Chinese Food Revenge on me somehow. Maybe drop threatening notes in fortune cookies? I don’t know. As a matter of fact, let us not entertain these thoughts any further.

As for iTunes, a lot of programs require you to download some kind of proprietary codec or something to work as their engine. That in and of itself doesn’t bother me. And I mean, you’re going to need to download something if you’re going to run Apple software on a PC. That’s a given, and Quicktime is *the* media platform for Apple. (From a media perspective, I find it and the video .mov’s to be vastly superior to wmv’s and many comparable formats).

But even given that, I can easily see that Apple is big on control. Everything has to be the way they want it to be. This in some ways makes the product more stable or like in the case of the iPhone and AT&T can be a tad restricting. It’s a philosophy driving the design of the products and the business itself.

25 07 2007
Matt Adams

I will tactfully refrain from any mention of MSG and polonium-210.

I don’t get why one would need iTunes software to run Quicktime. The only thing that I use QT for is to play “Hidden Frontier” MOVs. That said, it’s not like Yahoo! Music Jukebox is anything but a digital pain in the butt-er cactus.

12 10 2007
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29 10 2007

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