Poetry for tortured souls — edicion primero

10 09 2007

I’m feeling emotional. My heart is like a, a beating piston something. It’s like, beating, you know. Thump de thump. Over and over again. Besides indicating that I am in fact alive, this beating of my heart indicates somehow that I feel like writing poetry. I’m even wearing a corduroy cap right now. (You can’t prove a negative, so there.) Here goes nothing:


O Island Cafe, how I revel in your fake palm fronds
Bleach-haired himbos and babelicious blondes.
The best seat in the house is by the animatronic parrots —
See my cheesy Hawaiian shirt? I dare you to wear it.
I’d rather string some flowers around my neck, wanna trade?
‘Cause this might be my one and only chance to get leid.
O Island Cafe, how wonderful you are
Especially when I get a$10 daiquiri from the bar
Bring me some chips ‘n salsa, say you will
‘Cause I’ve wasted away all the salt in Margaritaville
When I go to the bathroom in a heady whirl,
I spring for the door decorated with a hula girl
‘Cause if I go for surfer dude,
I’ll be in the men’s room and that’s rude.
O Island Cafe, how I dig your seasoned fries
But to say this crap tastes good is a pile of lies
The only reason I’m here is for the crappy greenery
And all of that (if you catch my drift) island scenery.




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10 09 2007
Matt Adams

Although I’m largely a prose writer, I do enjoy a bit of poetry now and then. I read a certain Robert Frost poem in class last week. However, this work has inspired my imagination and therefore I give you this response:

Hatted Atlantan
Summer evening surprise
Topless flower-friend.

16 09 2007

Topless flowers? Are those like stems? Wha?

Obviously I don’t know much about Frost. (But from what little I’ve read, it’s really awesome!)

I’m totally lost. 😦

I did find a poem, “Once By the Pacific,” that intrigued me:

The shattered water made a misty din.
Great waves looked over others coming in,
And thought of doing something to the shore
That water never did to land before.

Parodied as follows:

The flattered slugger gave a wistful grin.
The Braves looked over opponents stumbling in,
And thought of doing something on the grass
That would have let good things come to pass.

16 09 2007

There are actually 2 comments here. WordPress is weird. Well, now there are three.

16 09 2007
Matt Adams

Just to be perfectly clear, that haiku was a Matt Adams original. Review lines 4 and 5 of your original work to learn the secret of the topless flower-friend. ^_^

(And you might like this one as well.)

Your skills at poetic mockery are impressive. And now there are four.

17 09 2007

Well… I wasn’t suggesting complete excision of all upper-wear, just the future lending of one’s Hawaiian shirt… sigh…

That is a quite good poem.

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