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16 09 2007

Boring weekend, moderately busy week at work. Lots of change is in the air.

Mom says she’s bought a hex bug that she wants to give to me. It’s essentially a ROBOTIC COCKROACH. Which is just what I need. I’ve killed a few roaches this week, as well as pantry beetles that have been spotted in here on a few occasions. I think I’ll like this high-tech bug thing. It just might help me bridge the gap between myself and my six-legged friends.

I am being informed that Equus is coming to NYC this year and it’s being suggested jokingly that I go. I can only giggle in response. (Actually I’ve already sort of unintentionally [meaning I didn’t exactly make a strong effort not to see them] seen pictures of the dreaded scene, so it’s probably all downhill from there. Is that too much information?)

Clones win! I find it amusing that the Register actually made a serious graphic diagram of the big last-minute play. I’m still waiting to hear about ASU’s game vs. San Diego State. Georgia Tech and the Braves both lost from what I’ve heard.

It’s nice and cool outside, about 60 degrees.  Winter is coming soon and fall is upon us. On one hand I’m happy and on the other hand I don’t like cold weather.




3 responses

16 09 2007
Matt Adams

“Lots of change”…? The week may have been only moderately busy, but apparently it was extraordinarily enigmatic! =Þ

…and perhaps you could reprogram that hex bug to be an insect version of RoboCop, policing the critters and investigating the deaths of all those frogs. Perhaps it’s some kind of amphibian serial killer. “The Kermit Killer” or something.

…and you’re just setting yourself up for another round of inappropriate Harry Potter hits, you know. To be safe, don’t mention Radcliffe, dork, johnson, willie, kibble and two bits, pan handle, plonker, or pork dagger.

…and yes, I just looked up some new British slang words. I felt that the time was appropriate to be inappropriate. ^_^

…and it’s going to be 100+ for the forseeable future here. I may have gotten used to the heat but that full-body hair dryer effect from the so-called “breeze” is getting a bit tedious. But I don’t like cold weather either, so perhaps I shouldn’t complain and instead point out that it’s warm here and there are peach smoothies to be had.

17 09 2007

Strangely most of the searches that have been bringing people in here lately pertain to “adult balloon animals.”

Thanks for the new slang ideas. I’ll have to work them into my conversations this week and see if anyone notices. (i.e. “That guy is such a pork dagger!”)

The good part about the PHX is while I’m freezing my butt off over the winter, you’ll probably spend much of this time wearing shorts and flip-flops.

Peach smoothies? You sound like a crazy Atlantan.

18 09 2007
Matt Adams

While I am generally not in favor of flip-flops, I do enjoy a good shorts-day now and then. Heck, I’m wearing some now! Still, you’ll get your shot at fashionable beachwear (sans beach, of course) should you make good on your plan to visit the lovely Valley of the Sun for the holidays, right?

It was actually below 100 degrees today. It was a really nice day. Still, I am melancholy as it seems that if you were to have a peach smoothie here, you would be homesick for Atlanta (and vice versa). Perhaps you should pick a different blend, although I can’t think of one that would match up as well if you go with shorts and flip-flops. ^_^

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