My stupid bug phobia

19 09 2007

I’m scared of bugs, and I’m being forced to face my fear. There’s this scary flying bug that looks like a roach or something and I can’t seem to kill it or make it go away. It ran behind the refrigerator and it’s too quick for me. I’m going to probably let it be there and then call for a bug spray session tomorrow.

I have no qualms (well a few) about killing cockroaches and the like, but I’m just tired of this crap and I don’t like things that fly. I’ve always been scared of bugs, and I ended up with the buggiest apartment. I hate that. Over time, I’ve lost my fear of killing roaches and things that crawl for the most part, but anything that’s large and flies is a bit much for me still. Right now, I’m freaking out. I can’t get a good reach at it. Should I just go to sleep like this? I can hear it flying around and I don’t want it to snuggle up next to me!

Ugh. I need to get some rest. I’m thinking the best strategy is to try and keep them from breeding, since it’s pretty much the norm for them to get into my place from time to time.




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20 09 2007
Matt Adams

My school building is infested with crickets, featuring the forbidden love of Herbert and Mortimer in my classroom. Sadly, their love affair ended tragically when the new kid in class stomped on Herbert. T_T

21 09 2007

I feel for ya. We had a giant beetle that got in the house the other month and I freaked because it was HUGE. Sadly, the bugs I don’t mind are the spiders, scorpions, and butterflies. Things that go crunch when I step on them just tend to freak me out,

21 09 2007

Why was it forbidden love? Were they engaging in lewd bug acts in the classroom? We used to have a frog named Mortimer in my first-grade class. Is Mortimer moving on or is he still dealing with the grief? As the sands of the hourglass fall, these are the insects of our lives…

And about the beetle. I think anything that is large and has feelers or crunchiness to it is freaky. I don’t like the feeling of cleaning them up or the sound or the crumbs they leave behind… yech. Things that are smaller/deadlier are less frightening. And if they fly… forget it, I don’t wanna touch it.

22 09 2007
Matt Adams

They were both doing the mating call during 2nd Period every day, which is forbidden due to district policy. But hey, I didn’t mind. Ironically, the kid that smashed him is now out of my class. Could it have been a hate crime?

6 11 2007
Robert Pitt

Don’t worry about the bug. Just kill it

7 11 2007
jeff moss

fradey cat.kill the damn thing.

12 11 2007

Look, if it was one bug, fine. But it’s like a bug every week or even every day. Look, I have no qualms about smashing their little buggy brains in. You better not screw around with me. I don’t have some manly man around here to beat those things down. I take them outside and bash them repeatedly with blunt objects until I’m sure they’re gone.

Who you callin’ a fradey cat? Them’s fightin’ words.

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