4 10 2007

I think I’m starting to think like a roach, as you’ll see from this entry.

So I called for extermination last Wednesday and I assume they came, although they left no evidence of having done so other than leaving my door unlocked so that I got a little freaked out when I returned to my abode that night. When I peeked in and saw that my stuff was all still there, I figured it was OK to go inside. Since I NEVER leave my door unlocked by mistake except for very short periods of time and even then only in weird situations where I consciously postpone the locking process, i.e. virtually NEVER, I can only assume that the exterminator came.

That probably explains the sharp drop in the number of roaches I’m seeing, in conjunction with the greater effort I’m making to keep my place clean. That said, there are probably still roaches living inside the walls and around my hot water heater, which is locked away and inaccessible to me. And then the major problem is the same as it always has been: outdoor roaches coming in through the front door. So tonight I saw one of those big outdoor ones. It was crawling around in all the filth in the places I can’t clean, and walking all over the Baits Motels that have been set up along the baseboards. But it was also kind of stupid, so after whacking a broom at it several times, it finally died a painful and suffering death before being flushed down the toilet. Thank goodness for the stupidity of Georgia’s roaches. Now I jinx myself…

One of the problems is my building is a bit older and IMHO the construction isn’t the most solid, and there are cracks and openings aplenty. Plus, the doors don’t fit properly in the jambs. And then like a lot of other complexes around here, there is a lot of pine litter around the base of the buildings, plus shrubbery and trees are close to the foundation. It makes the place look nicer and lusher, but it also attracts bugs because they don’t see much of a delineation between natural and manmade areas and it’s harder to spray. (I live on one of the upper floors, by the way). And the outdoor hallways and tight spaces and frequent changes of occupants mean lots and lots of roaches. If one person sprays, the roaches go to the next apartment owner until they spray. UGH.

But I’m getting good at predicting their behavior so I can kill them. They tend to be stupid and try to come back out to the place they were when you tried to kill them. Rarely do they have the tenacity to stay in one place for long, and that makes them easy to kill — so you figure out a way to weaken them, block their escape routes and then go in for the kill. And then BAM! They’re dead. Think like a roach and YOU will be the one prepared to survive nuclear holocausts. (I should start my own infomercial-type thing.)



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4 10 2007
Matt Adams

Maybe the roaches aren’t as dumb as you think…maybe the littler ones got in and unlocked your door for the bigger ones!

Isn’t it about time your bosses gave you a raise so that you could move some place less buggy? ^_^

5 10 2007

The thing is, I see them coming in under the front door. They invite themselves, and there ain’t much I can do short of pouring Boric acid around all my door jambs, which I might have to try if this keeps up.

Another problem is I’m paying relatively high rent due to my somewhat strategic location on a train line. I live in a “luxury” complex already. Roaches are endemic to this region and there’s not much that can be done. I see them downtown all the time, and in the middle of the concrete jungles and mini malls. It’s so gross.

Still most people don’t have as many roachies as I do, where they expect to see one every day or every other day. Something must be done. I’m trying to think of where I could go that roaches would only be an occasional thing, not an everyday thing.

5 10 2007
Matt Adams

I’m trying to think of where I could go that roaches would only be an occasional thing, not an everyday thing.

SELF-JINXING: I’ve never yet seen one in Buckeye or Goodyear… ^_~

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