6 10 2007

Another thing, I just realized I’m outnumbered 2:1 by robots in my household. When I claim my “robo-roach,” aka Hex Bug, I’ll be outnumbered 3:1, and one of them will be a faux insect. I bet more and more, households will become like mine. One day, the robots will rise up and do something.

P.S. I just bought an animal-print mouse today as well. But this doesn’t count as a robot, just an overindulgence. A fool and her money are easily parted.



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8 10 2007

people are making their robotic vaccuum cleaners their pets. I heard this on channel 3. people pre clean for it and feed it dust bunny treats. Maybe you could get one of those some day to round out your robotic crew.

8 10 2007

the vaccuums are called roombas
and has a virtual visiting robot where you keep it in a room you want to see and hear what is going on there from a different location. You listen and watch what is going on on the internet what the robot sees. kind of creepy but you would get a perspective of what is going on .

9 10 2007

Wow, that’s an interesting-slash-awesome idea. Thanks for the tip. There’s an abundance of vittles over here, let me tell you. This one might just become Robot No. 4 if I can get one.

Can this possibly dethrone the trend of toymakers creating those super-realistic dolls with the ability to defecate and such? Not likely, but one can dream, right?

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