Summary of the last few weeks

12 11 2007

1. Went back to Phoenix

2. Went to Rawhide and saw a humourous morgue show right after the haunted train ride.

3. Walked around the desert and took picture of plants.

4. Went back to Atlanta.

5. Went on a high-tech scavenger hunt this weekend that permitted me to see my coworkers doing bizarre and blackmailable things, while simultaneously keeping my reputation intact. One person even came away with a different hairstyle. This, by the way, falls under the umbrella of “alternative reality games,” games that are played in a reality setting but including elements of a game.

6. There is an interesting article in the recent issue of Wired that addresses this and other topics of interest.

7. I did some other crup but I don’t remember what it was. And no, I wasn’t drinking.

7a. I dressed as a pimp for Halloween, oh yeah, and it was a moderately popular outfit. I didn’t go to quite the depths that some people did…

8. I’m going home for Thanksgiving again

9. I am not praying for rain. They weather forecaster has already said it might rain by the middle of this week. Hmph. I know, that’s unsentimental of me.

10. PLEASE RAIN! PLEASE RAIN! I’m torn between my hatred of rain and the fact that my body is 75 percent water. Plus, I can’t tolerate the idea that Phoenix has more water than Atlanta.


12. That is all.




3 responses

12 11 2007
Matt Adams

10) I have a funny story about unexpected rain while driving.

23 11 2007

You should share this story!

23 11 2007
Matt Adams

I was driving home from work one day, when all of a sudden…there were dots on the windshield.

What was going on?! Was my vision messing up? Stroke? Was the car in front of me shooting water from its tailpipe?!

And then I realized…it was sprinkling. For pretty much two seconds. It had been so long since I’d seen rain that I’d forgotten rain. ^_^

It’s probably a funnier story when you can hear my vocal inflections…but then, I say that about my “poetry slam” story and I messed that one up horribly yesterday! *^_^*

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