Thanksgiving bullets

23 11 2007
  • Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been pointed out that I don’t update this blog nearly enough and I’m making an attempt. That's a big bird for Thansgiving on Sesame Street
  • I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but one of the most posted items you will see on the Internets is an image of … well, Thanksgiving on Sesame Street.
  • That image is going around faster than a case of [insert disease here] at Manzy Hall. (Bad ASU joke)
  • Come on ASU, that wasn’t a good loss to the Trojans. Oh well, this team still has a lot of growing up to do and you have to admit, winning the games you’re supposed to win is still quite an achievement in a season like this with so many upsets and weird games.
  • Dear reader, you will note that I am, as per is to be expected, on a Thanksgiving trip to Phoenix
  • Visited a historical reenactment on Sunday that had been going on last weekend.
  • Throughout the week we’ve just been kind of taking it easy and driving, eating, etc., and I”m trying to mentally remap the neighborhood that I grew up in.
  • Watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the umpteenth time. I don’t feel right if I don’t see at least one teenage pop star I’ve never heard of lip syncing to ’80s pop songs on a giant pirate ship while cheerleaders and evil muppets gyrate around them.
  • Bob Saget’s helicopter flyover segment was refreshingly jarring in such a sugary sweet event, given his penchant for blue humor.
  • It’s a great way to learn about hot new shows on Broadway, like Young Frankenstein. I might go see that. The dancing Igor is what did it for me. Not to mention Frankenstein’s monster.
  • It’s a common confusion, by the way, that Frankenstein is the one with the arms sticking out and the bolts in the neck and stitches and whatnot. In reality (or my interpretation of it given some crappy Internet research), Frankenstein is just a dude. It was his monster who was “aliiiive,” and the popular image we have is actually a product of a 1930s movie adaptation. I think.
  • Dinner at Avanti’s at 27th Street/Thomas and it was good.
  • I mean we’re talking about Thanksgiving at an Italian restaurant. There were some other folks there who were intrigued by this idea.
  • This is one of those places where you see mirrors on the ceiling and guys with a mildly mafioso style… where it’s not odd to see a vintage Bentley parked outside.
  • You look inside and there are signed pictures from all manner of local celebrities.
  • A little pricey but nice for a special occasion.
  • The lamps hanging from the ceiling are actually blown-glass sculptures with a little notch carved into them for a candle.
  • I learned what a “Waldorf Salad” is. I hadn’t really known before. I mean I knew there were apples involved… yikes.
  • The catch is this Waldorf salad has either bleu or gorganzola cheese in it and I’m not sure if that was the norm. It was a bit of a twist I must say. I think it was gorganzola, and it had a pleasant stink to it.
  • My attitude toward stinky cheeses is that they look and smell rotten because they basically are. But, the food connoisseur points out, they are not rotten, they are merely aged. Just like all the other fungus-covered stuff in my fridge?
  • I suppose stinky foods are not dangerous, unlike the festering mess that always seems to surprise me upon returns from long trips, despite my best efforts to clean out any potential offenders beforehand.
  • I had pumpkin soup, spinach-stuffed turkey rollatini, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and garlic bread as well. Plus a slice of yummy pumpkin pie.
  • A heated debate started about the commonness of grit in your pumpkin pie. Such grit is, I asserted, fairly common in less-processed pies. I don’t know where it comes from, but it seems like it’s probably just a little sand or other material that gets stuck in the pumpkin when it is cut.
  • Anybody shopping like a freak at 5 a.m. tomorrow? Count me out! Any savings will be badly offset by my typical habit of going waaaay too far and spending less to spend more.



4 responses

23 11 2007
Matt Adams

Ugh! What is going on with the world? First Big Bird gets roasted and now Waldorf salad?!

This is a whole new side to you, Ni-chan.

I prefer a smooth pumpkin pie. Last week I had a bit of “pumpkin pie cheesecake,” which was good. It was also so rich that I almost sank into a diabetic coma. But good nonetheless.

You may enjoy this book, or you may not.

23 11 2007

Can you imagine how many sandwiches you could make out of big bird? [/sick]

Heard of that book but never read it — good suggestion, fo sho’.

24 11 2007
Matt Adams

I don’t think that there would be much left of Big Bird. I really don’t buy that Cookie Monster is a Born Again nutrition nut.

13 11 2009
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