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28 12 2007

NOTE: Comments aren’t working for me right now. Having some technical difficulties…

So I’m in Phoenix right now. I feel kind of odd about jetting off like that, at this time, with the news going on, but here I am and that’s all there is to it. I’m going to enjoy these 10 days even if it kills me… well let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Here’s what happened today, in a convenient NUMBERED LIST format:

  1. Got a late start as I scrambled to pack and get set up
  2. Discovered that my new debit card still hasn’t arrived. I’m in a bit of trouble as far as paying for things goes… hopefully this won’t last much longer.
  3. I failed to pick up CNN schwag this year, so I settled for other small tokens instead. I feel kind of bad.
  4. Play Doh! I’m giving it out somewhat liberally. Who doesn’t love Play Doh? I got a big bag of it just for laffs and gave some out at work. I have some more left over to hand out to myself or others.
  5. On my way to the train station, I passed by a taxi stand where I saw that a crunched-up taxi was parked. It had one of those “How’s my driving?” thingies on the back I think. It was one of situations where I probably should have stopped to take a picture. (I’m a pretty big shutterbug, you know, although probably not the biggest one out there.) Oh well. There was a passenger in the vehicle, too.
  6. I made it to check-in at 10:27, and the cutoff point was 10:28. If I hadn’t made it in at that point, I wouldn’t have gotten on the flight. (I had no trouble actually getting on the plane itself.) It seems as though they overbooked our flight and had coaxed a couple parents into having their babies sit on their laps.
  7. Flight was pleasant enough, although it required sitting in the plane for a total of five hours. I got one of those older, nicer America West planes with the leather seats and boo-koo leg room (sorry, can’t spell boo-koo). Heck, they gave me TWO bags of pretzels.
  8. One of the flight attendants was wearing a Santa apron. It was so cute — she looked like Ms. Claus. The movie was The Santa Clause, but I didn’t bother hooking up a headset to listen to it.
  9. Back in the Valley — the weather is cooler than expected, and the sunset is beautiful as per usual.
  10. I dressed in Sun Devil attire to get some Sun Devil mojo flowing, but alas, I failed to Austin Powerize the team. The Texans pretty much smashed ASU to bits.
  11. We found “cherry passion” Tic Tacs at the store that look like they are ASU-themed with maroon & gold coloration.
  12. I’m pulling hair out of Bob the cat’s coat. He is shedding an awful lot and it’s kind of freaky how much hair is coming out. He’s had issues with this in the past, but with cooler weather comes a thicker winter coat and worse shedding. Have to be careful though, or he might claw me.
  13. My parents have a Christmas tree set up that threatens to give me an epileptic seizure, and I don’t even have epilepsy. It’s beautiful though.
  14. They bought some lights that look like beer mugs. I got some and some others are going to some of my relatives. *cough* Wisconsin *cough*
  15. Now I am bored. I need entertainment.

That is all. Cheerio!




One response

26 01 2008

Cough Cough Wisconsin? I didn’t see any beer lights come my way.. Maybe Grandma P got them?

BTW, Wisconsin not only has the Grumpy Troll Brew Pub, but also has beers named Big Butt, Spotted Cow and Fat Squirrel. Relax, the Big Butt label shows two Bighorn Sheep rams butting heads…what else would it have on it?

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