27 01 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts… much of the updates that I once wrote out to describe my life in oh-so-detailed form are currently being distilled into a sort of Cliff’s Notes form on the site known as Twitter. Follow me if you dare…

Here you will find my stash of longer-form posts and creative writing.

As a side note, my Web site domains and such are totally freaked as of right now.  I need to repair these.



6 responses

28 01 2008
Matt Adams

We fear change.

9 04 2008

You must not fear change… you must embrace and enjoy.

Still, Twitter is a little on the lame side…

9 04 2008
Matt Adams
10 04 2008

Hahahahaha! I follow you!

10 04 2008

Well it’s hard for me to tell if you’re serious or not. If you’d rather your profile be hidden from view then just let me know.

10 04 2008
Matt Adams

Huh? I don’t understand. Do you mean Twitter? I don’t intend to devote super amounts of time to it so it doesn’t need to be hidden. ^_^

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