Harold & Kumar revisited

28 04 2008

My top post of all time on this blog details my supposition that “Harry Potter” combined with “Harold and KumMovie Review Found Herear go to White Castle” would be the ultimate fun flick. You know, Harry & Kumar. (See, there was a reason for this pairing. It’s a clever pun.) So I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I saw the second installment of the Harold & Kumar “franchise,” if you will, and I thoroughly enjoyed it despite nothing more than a “passing” reference to White Castle in the beginning. If you will. The way it skewers racial stereotypes and sneaks in sexual jokes, oh, and pot references, is brilliant. You would think that the whole Guantanamo Bay thing was totally random, but it makes sense. And I want to go to Amsterdam now. Was reading about it the other day. Not that I plan to overimbibe. Just because I’m curious. Some of the stereotypes are annoying and ridiculous, especially the tired Southerners jokes, but oh well. And it *IS* quite dirty, but hey. Shocking is much harder to do nowadays.

Overall rating: It’s da bong. No, I didn’t say “da bomb.” I said “da bong.” My Twitterscale is three-and-a-half Cyclops eyes out of five.


Rainy festival day

28 04 2008

Inman Park Festival rainHere’s a sampling of some of the fun that was had at the Inman Park Festival (referenced in my last entry). The patron at left, like many others, improvised a solution to the wet weather. I know others had better experiences than I did. I was out in the rain. It was still fun, and there were lots of people out there making do. I saw a child being carried in a waterproof stroller-trailer thing with clear walls. Strangely amazing; no photo. Wares that I took home: beaded hippie bracelets, a tiki sign, a PEZ sign and some refrigerator magnets with quaint images on them. All for $30. Pictures forthcoming. This is almost a holiday for Atlanta’s arts community. Joyful, wonderful and totally MARTA-accessible.

Fun with GarageBand

28 04 2008

videoGoofy video that I put together… experimenting with the Mac’s built-in music editor. Wait til I’m on MTV.

Popular culture fun

28 04 2008

Diners, Bowling Alleys and Trailer ParksWhile I wait for some of my more uh, interesting projects to upload, seeing as the popularity of video uploads is driving up conversion times across the board, I thought I would briefly review a book I’ve been reading. It’s called “Diners, Bowling Alleys, and Trailer Parks: Chasing the American Dream in Postwar Consumer Culture.” It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with such strange things. This book was sort of a birthday present to myself (just turned 25 on Friday, which was Day 1 of an excellent three-day weekend) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was purchased in a lovely bookstore in Atlanta’s Virginia Highlands neighborhood. By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, and I had spent Saturday getting through much of this book, I picked up some “tiki room” styled art and a cheesy PEZ sign at the Inman Park festival before dashing out to escape the rain. I have to think that my purchase inspiration was this book… here’s what I learned. First: I’d never heard of Pinboys before, but apparently setting bowling pins was a highly undesirable job back before the automated pinsetter was invented. Thanks to that, we could bowl and live happily ever after. Second, I guess I’d never given much thought to trailer parks or stereotypes, having long seen so-called “Snowbirds” flocking to the Phoenix area each winter like some sort of annual ritual, traveling as they do in their intermittent caravans of fifth-wheels. (Quartzsite is an example of the RV hobby’s popularity in the state.) All in all, for someone like me, this was heavenly. I really loved the diner pictures, too. I’m kind of an enthusiast. Passing by the Majestic diner in Atlanta’s Virginia Highlands neighborhood on Friday afternoon took me back in time.