Fun with GarageBand

28 04 2008

videoGoofy video that I put together… experimenting with the Mac’s built-in music editor. Wait til I’m on MTV.



2 responses

28 04 2008
Matt Adams

I like the pics of the skies the best…very GTA-like, just in time for GTA4! Atlanta is the new Liberty City!

What’s the deal with that music? Did you make that too?

2 05 2008

This is all self-generated contentwise, save for the actual templates provided in iMovie itself… yayyy. Even the somewhat crappy music, made w/ GarageBand by typing on the makeshift keyboard keys. Don’t worry folks, it’ll get better. Some is Phoenix/Tempe, some is Atlanta. That cactus, for example, is in Atlanta.

I think you have a GTA point going on there. Have you played the new game? Did you like it?

Thanks for the feedback!

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