Christmas in the desert

22 12 2008
Poetry found here

Poetry found here

I’m going to talk about Christmas in the desert here:

No snow, just dirt
Tumbleweed Santa Clauses
and encircling the Saguaro with a skirt
Hanging lights off the agave

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Luminaries on the walk just for me
Enjoy your prickly pear jam
While it’s 70 degrees
No snow in wintertime,
Just a little less heat and a whole lotta sunshine

Why wish for a white Christmas
When the sun blinds your eyes
As you walk around in shirtsleeves
Admiring the glare of the rays on the desert floor

Laughing at Auntie Edna in St. Paul
Still trying to get Uncle Bob to shovel some more.
This is the good life, you know;
Desert Christmas is the way to go

The palm trees covered in icicle lights are a bit much,
But at least you can ride your bicycle in broad daylight;
One you go desert you’ll never go back again,
Forget the romantic ideal of a white-blanketed wonderland.




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