Looking back on 2008

22 12 2008

Too high

Originally uploaded by N-Sai

The Year that Was was certainly an interesting one. Submitted for evidence:

* Snow in January
* Bought my new MacBook, which was my first-ever Apple purchase
* Major tornado sweeps us up during our Pi Day party, March 14
* My 25th birthday
* Travel to Vancouver in June, where I met my grandmother and aunt for the first time ever
* Rainn Wilson, you know, Dwight Schrute, in the newsroom in the middle of July
* Went to San Diego in August and gawked at seals. We stayed at a beachside hotel, which was fun. It would be the first of two trips to California this year (and in a couple of months).
* Moved twice, first to a cockroach-infested studio on the lowest floor of a high-rise (I’m told that’s been fixed, but it’s by the trash chute) and then to a lovely but expensive place a few blocks away.
* Got my first credit card and went through a bunch of snafus with my utilities and lost a lot of money, but I’m earning it back.
* In October, I visited New York for the presidential debate at Hofstra University and then went to the JMMF reunion in Beverly Hills, where we ran into Kato. That Kato.
* Learned to edit videos in Final Cut and got promoted at work, which was cool.
* In November, I voted in a historic election and got a peachy sticker
* In December, I traveled to Arizona twice and did numerous “year in reviews” including this one and one for work.

Whew! Busy!




2 responses

31 12 2008

I see the Atlanta visit by your favorite Unlce did not make the year in review. I am totally crushed. I may never critique your i-reports ever again…

31 12 2008

There’s an entire Flickr group devoted to you including our trip to Ted’s Montana Grill before it got all screwed up from the tornado. That occurred in March. I guess it’s important enough to put in there. LOL.

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