Weight, weight, don’t tell me

30 04 2009

Seems like worrying about one’s weight is all the rage, and I guess I’m going to join the herd now.

I better start getting ready for work… but I thought I would take a second to commit myself and hold myself accountable to something that I need to be doing, and that is living more healthily. I weigh approximately 60 pounds more than I did when I started college, and it’s a little frightening to contemplate. I wasn’t skinny by any means during that time, so I look at the number on the scale and I’m pretty terrified about what’s happening to my body. But the good news is I’m not so far along that I can’t turn things around and I can’t improve the situation.

I waited a couple weeks to weigh myself because I wanted to have some positive momentum going into this event. I knew the number would be scary and discouraging, and it was. I’ve managed to cut back on a lot of the horrible things I typically eat and have increased my activity somewhat. I’m also skipping the food court and bringing my lunch most days, or at least trying to eat something moderately good for me. My genes and metabolism are probably working against me here, so I’m going to have to fight my way through the future. You can’t make changes like this overnight and I’m going to be gradually adjusting my habits a little each day…. negotiating with myself to keep everything in balance.

Balance, balance, balance. Here goes nothing!




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