Organization calls

5 11 2009

There are times that I clearly feel like life is telling me something, and now is one of those times. I’ve been told over and over again that I’m disorganized, I need to grow up, whatever. And the fact is, that I truly do need to become a more organized person. It’s finally catching up to me as my work becomes ever more complex and I get older and life just gets complicated in general. I’ve tried and failed many times but I feel like if I can make an effort now, in time I will finally be successful.

I’ve had some degree of success already. After months and months of working and working at it, I finally got my eating and exercise habits under relative control. I’m finally starting to see some results from that effort, both in my physical stamina and the fact that I’m comfortably wearing jeans today that I couldn’t wear a few months ago. I’m no longer craving ridiculous portions of food and things are generally OK.

And now, I realize that if I am ever to advance in this life and successfully become who I want to be, organization is basically my only choice. Drawing on my health habits for inspiration, I am going to make an effort to fix my problems and take control of things.

Starting now, I commit myself to do the following things every day:

  • Spend about 30 minutes per evening reading the news
  • Keep a journal and know what I’m doing the next day
  • Read 5 pages of literature per day
  • Keep my laptop closed from midnight to 6 a.m.
  • Shower before bed rather than in the morning
  • Have clothes, bags, etc., planned out before sleeping
  • Have two alarms set to wake me in the morning
  • Write in my blog every day if possible
  • Work on something creative
  • Give work my undivided attention
  • Do something to expand my skills EVERY day
  • Ask people lots of questions, which I often forget to do

It’s going to be difficult, but I must slay this monster within me. I must take control of my life.