Geek homework

14 05 2011

A little over two months remains until San Diego Comic-Con, roughly, and there’s so much that needs to be prepared ahead of time.

This goes beyond getting the proper fit of Spandex for my Wonder-Woman costume, although there’s a little of that too. No, this is much more about knowing what you’re talking about and being prepared. You don’t want to ask a question without the proper background.

The stylish curves of the convention center welcome all who dare make the pilgrimage inside its glass-enclosed walls. And then, they sort themselves according to what they like. In my case, science fiction and especially Star Trek are what seem to interest me. But there’s all kinds of different nerdy strokes for different folks.

Comic books, not as much, but the products of such things, yes. Movies and cartoons. Storylines. Then again, I can’t really recall the last time I did a whole lot of reading of comic books. So maybe I don’t even know. Maybe it’s untapped. I’m always intimidated by the detailed canons, reboots, alternate storylines, intersections between different comic universes, you name it, what have you.

Not to mention, I could use a distraction from real life. Sometimes reality can be a drag, let’s face it. Not that one should attempt to run away from the daily grind, but a little strategic distraction can’t hurt too badly. That’s the place where I’m at right now.

So to all ye who draw comics and color within the lines in just this one aspect of your lives, I salute you.




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