Harold & Kumar revisited

28 04 2008

My top post of all time on this blog details my supposition that “Harry Potter” combined with “Harold and KumMovie Review Found Herear go to White Castle” would be the ultimate fun flick. You know, Harry & Kumar. (See, there was a reason for this pairing. It’s a clever pun.) So I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I saw the second installment of the Harold & Kumar “franchise,” if you will, and I thoroughly enjoyed it despite nothing more than a “passing” reference to White Castle in the beginning. If you will. The way it skewers racial stereotypes and sneaks in sexual jokes, oh, and pot references, is brilliant. You would think that the whole Guantanamo Bay thing was totally random, but it makes sense. And I want to go to Amsterdam now. Was reading about it the other day. Not that I plan to overimbibe. Just because I’m curious. Some of the stereotypes are annoying and ridiculous, especially the tired Southerners jokes, but oh well. And it *IS* quite dirty, but hey. Shocking is much harder to do nowadays.

Overall rating: It’s da bong. No, I didn’t say “da bomb.” I said “da bong.” My Twitterscale is three-and-a-half Cyclops eyes out of five.


Harry and Kumar go to White Castle

13 07 2007

You know you would watch it.

Searching for Harry Potter on the Internets is a perilous journey paved with teasing innuendo for a lack of better wording, as well as plenty of bad puns. And Hairy Potters. And Harry and the Potters. (Don’t forget the cute animal reenactments either.) And, at one point, and at work to boot, I turned up a Harry Potter in an inappropriate state of dress. WHOOPS! What a travesty. Sorry, I’m not linking to it.

Really, it was unintentional.

I don’t know what my point is, but I’m definitely having a good movie night.