Packing, Plurking and quirking

9 06 2008

So I’m down to the 11th hour… literally… before my plane leaves. Sort of. So I’ve gotta get packing and then squeeze in a few more hours of shut-eye. To relax a little, I joined Plurk. Everybody who’s anybody is at least trying it, if not doing it. Well you know, that’s how I justify this to myself. I dunno, it’s OK. It has a lot of great features… the design is great. It’s just that I don’t like the timeline format. And then… I kind of feel cheap. It’s kind of like a Twitter ripoff. Maybe it would be cool if the two sites would join forces.

In other ‘net news, I’m having a weird issue with where I can’t view images hosted on on my Mac. Has anybody seen this happen? I can see the images just fine on the PC. I’ve tried clearing my cache and cookies, and viewing the URL on its own, all the standard remedies. The snap viewer shows the images of course. Now, I’m taking my MacBook blog show on the road with me to Vancouver and I would like to document things. For the time being I’ll be hosting images on Photobucket or Flickr to guarantee that I can see them.

It’s a little chilly in Vancouver and fairly hot in Atlanta. It’s like what, 50 degrees at any given time? I better pack a jacket. Today I took refuge from the heat in the swimming pool. It takes a lot to get me into the pool. It was so warm outside that the pool was warm enough to bathe in.