TV Guide

01: ME ME ME ME It’s all about me channel ME!
04: N-SPAN Politiks! W00t
05: All Lost, All the Time We don’t show lost, but there are plenty of “lost” and “uncategorized” posts here. 0
07: Public Access All about the things your government, I mean your 57channels, is doing for you. Rather, doing for itself. How confusing.
09: El Pollo Local Not very “lo-cal,” but unapologetically local in that we make fun of the locals. 6
10: Rants Tomb What’s buried in Rants Tomb? My frustrations and yours. 7
11: Citizen Kan You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and goshdangit, people love your citizen-generated journalistic content. So go for it, oh great citizen. Fight the power. 1
13: The Department Store Frequently used departments such as bulleted and numbered lists. Categorization of data for easy crunching.
17: Popcorn Smell Tantalizes You Rated R for MUST RESIST POPCORN SMELL 1
21: Pest Control Pests… a part of urban lifes. 7
23: The Food Network Mmmmm. Food. 5
27: Litter Atcher Litter atcher for yer pleasures, yep. Put on your beret and reading glasses and enjoy.
28: Work Hard 4 Da $ Gotta make that dough. 10
29: Weekends Ahoy Stuff for your weekend. Stuff for your Life. Stuff for you.
30: Juicy Culture Because “Couture” sounds funny. 15
32: That One Weird Channel The channel that creeps you out with weird shite at 3 a.m. so you had better be careful about it. 19
34: Healthy Health Health Keep your healths healthy. Power-ups located throughout this world. 5
36: The Internets Channel All about the Webz you can has along with that cheezburger.
39: Technology, Dude TOYS TOYS TOYS TOYS 10
40: Shake Your MoneyMaker Shake it, sugar. Shake it.
42: Ultimate Answers Stories about life, the meaning of life, the answers to great questions in life, and the great whatevers and evers amen that we address. 14
44: Blog Rollin’ Rollin’ on dubs? 0
45: Wildlife Eating Other Wildlife Yo! Marty Stauffer! Look what’s on the Crock-a-dial! 0
47: Poetry Channel Don’t even bother with this one.
51: Channel About Other Channels Talkin’ about the media, baby. 4
53: Fashionista Bet you didn’t think I wrote about fashion! You are so wrong, dear reader. So wrong. 3
54: Travel Oggs Because I’m cooler than you and I get to TRAVEL hahahaha. 7
55: All Back to the Future, All the Time This is all about flashing back and bending the temporal continuum to suit my own selfish needs.
56: Midnight Train in Georgia Ridin’ the MARTA rails ‘n meetin’ creeps. Yeah baby. 13
57: Nicoleodeon Kind of like the kid’s show, but maybe a little more like my brain.

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